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Patent cost


All data regarding the cost of patenting is retrieved carefully from numerous official sources. Still the possibility exists that data presented differs from the actual values as a result of recent changes to fees, typing errors or the like. For this reason it is suggested to always check the fees involved when entering the process of patenting.

country listing

Make a choice from the list. A table and a graph are created showing the annual maintenance fees for patents of the country selected. Patent cost are presented for a 20 year time period. All patent cost are in Euros. Slight differences in patent cost presented may result from differences in exchange rates applied.

Additional patent cost involved such as for novelty searches, extra claims or examination costs charged by a patent office are not represented in the graph. Only annual patent maintenance fees are.

The additional cost of patenting are showed in the second table.

When no patent cost are available the table will show '0'. This does not mean that no fees are applicable but up till now data has not been uploaded to the Patentvista patent cost database.

Many countries charge an extra fee when patent applications contain more than 10 claims. The additional cost for dealing with the extra claims are listed in the second table as 'extra claimcost'.

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Cost can be lower than expected

As most patent owners stop paying the annual fees after eight years the total amount of fees paid can be considerably less than when keeping the patent right alive for the full 20 year period. Technology is moving forward rapidly thus 'outdating' many inventions.